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Terms & Conditions

Applicability : These terms and conditions are applicable to all “Broadband” Customers of Sky Broadband Services

The Customer can make his/her Sky Broadband Bill Payments on or before the due date as per his/ her convenience through any of the following modes of payment:

1. Cash only at exclusive Sky Broadband Services offices as listen on our website.
2. Payment Gateway by logging in with your username and password on our website
3. Electronic Modes – Internet Banking.
1. Provision of services
i) The Service provider and the subscriber hereby agree to provide and receive the services on the terms and conditions hereinafter recorded. It is however made clear that the terms and conditions mention hereafter are not exhaustive and further they are subject to change by Sky Broadband Services *(SBS) without prior notice. The same shall be binding on the subscriber.
2. Representation, responsibilities and Liabilities of SBS
i) Services will be activated only after proper verification of documents submitted by the applicant. In the event of any incorrect information or declaration being found in the proof of identification and proof of address SBS has the right to cancel the services without any prior notice and without assigning any reason thereof. Furthermore SBS is not liable to refund any amount if the above case is true. ii) The availability and quality of the services to the subscriber may be adversely affected by the factors beyond the control of SBS but not limited to interference by other service providers, congestion, power fluctuation,natural calamity (Lightening) etc. SBS shall not in any manner be responsible in such an event. iii) SBS shall not be responsible or liable for any cost, charges and damages of any nature what so ever incurred by the subscriber or any person under him out of any act of commission or omission in rendering of services/or in connection with the rendering of the services by SBS. iv) SBS may suspend the services in whole or in part at any time without prior notice, if network fails or required maintenance or modification. SBS shall make all reasonable affords to minimise the frequencies of such events. v) Notwithstanding anything contain herein SBS may at anytime vary/Modify the services terms and conditions or close/substitute/or modifythe Tariff plans or levy additional fee or charges or taxes for provision of service herein. vi) SBS will not provide any bill except on request and on payment. vii) SBS has the right to de – activate the subscriber without assigning any reason there of in the national/public interest. Any unused balance in the events of such de – activation will be non – refundable. viii) All the hardware connecting to the resident of the subscriber is the property of SBS. In the event of disconnection all the wires etc will be removed only by SBS. If SBS finds that wires or equipment installed at the subscriber’s premises is damaged then SBS has full rights to raise a bill for all the damages incurred and the subscriber is liable to clear all outstanding with 15 days after the bill has been raised. ix) At any point if the Government or any other governing body instructs SBS to block certain websites SBS will comply and if the subscriber has any objections they may take up the matter with the concerned Governing body.
3. Representation, responsibilities and liabilities of the subscriber.
i) The Subscriber shall be liable to pay for the services provided to the subscriber without the recourse to the plea that the subscriber has not used the services. The installation charges paid by the subscriber to SBS are non – refundable. ii) The subscriber alone shall use the services. He shall not use or cause or allow others to use the service for any improper, immoral, unlawful purposes or even otherwise in any manner which may jeopardise or impair the operation of the network and /or the services. iii) In case of any change in address furnished by the subscriber/applicant at the time of taking connection the subscriber shall inform SBS about the change in address within three (3) working days iv) In case of shifting of the connection, the subscriber shall be charged additional shifting charges for the service provided as determined by the SBS. Shifting of the connection will be allowed only in areas where the network exists. v) The subscriber shall comply by the government regulations and the authority of the SBS. vi) SBS connection is not transferable. The subscriber understands that the services have been subscribed on his/her own name and name change in any circumstances is not allowed. The subscriber is solely responsible for any unauthorised transfer/change in ownership of the services provided. vii) The subscriber shall immediately inform SBS and confirm the same in writing with the request for de- activation along with the copy of the enrolment form. viii) The subscriber hereby waives and agrees to continue waiving any/all claims for any loss, delay cost expenses, damages, direct incidental or consequential arising out of any mistakes, omission, interruption, delays, errors, defects or other failures with respect to SBS. Privacy of communication is protected so far as is permitted by applicable laws. ix) SBS reserves the right to access the subscriber resident at any reasonable time (From 7am to 10pm) and the subscriber shall not have any objection to it for the purpose of services and maintenance. Subscriber is also requested to verify the SBS staff identity before allowing them access into the resident. x) The Subscriber shall not engage is any unlawful activities such as terrorism or plot against the Republic of India. SBS will not be liable for any unlawful activity taken by the subscriber. xi) If the subscriber does not recharge his account for more that 15 days after expiry then he is liable to pay Rs. 250 per month maintenance fee.
4. Validity.
i) The validity of terms herein shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India. ii) Government or Authorities either suspend, terminate, Nationalise or take over the licence or services temporarily or otherwise. iii) At any time it is detected that the subscriber has given false/incorrect information to SBS. Pursuant to which services have been provided. iv) If the subscriber fails to pay the charges for the service receive. v) If the subscriber breaches any of the terms and conditions. vi) In case of termination of the subscriber for any reason what so ever SBS shall be entitle to recover all outstanding charges and dues from the subscriber.
5. Notices.
i) All notices required to be given pursuant to the terms and conditions shall be in writing and shall be sent registered post to the following address.To Skybroadband Services, Bawri Mansion, Dhankheti, Shillong– 793001
6. General.
i) SBS reserved the right to reject the enrolment submitted by the applicant/subscriber without assigning any reason what so ever.